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Brush Strokes

Bismarck Horse Club Playdays 2023

Come Join the Bismarck Horse Club for some fun in the sun located in Bismarck, ND at Walt Neuens Memorial

Horse Park!


Must Be a Bismarck Horse Club Member to compete

All Registration is done online 

Qualify for awesome yearend awards!

Preregistration is located on the BHC page.


The Bismarck Horse Club can't wait to host you and your fellow equine teammates at the Playday!


Check out the                   website for more information!!


Event Dates
6/09-Speed Events
6/10-English/WEstern Events

6/16-Speed Events
6/17-English/WEstern Events

7/07-Speed Events
7/08-English/Western Events

8/11 -Speed Events
8/12-English/Western Events

Speed Events Start at 6pm
English/Western Events Start at 8:30am
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